Change-Makers and Conscious Rebels…

Wanna Sell More of Your Stuff to More People for More Money?

So You Have a Greater Impact, Make More, & Work Less :)

If you’re a coach, creator, or influencer

with awesome high-ticket offers…

But don’t have the time, skill, or mental bandwidth

to write tons of emails,

20-page sales letters, opt-in pages,

FB Ads, Webinar Scripts, Video ad scripts…

Then I’d love to write your copy.

So You Have More Time and Energy to

Do the Things You’re Really Here to Do.

The Things Only You Can Do.

Like brushing your teeth 😀

And if you watched the video up there,

you already have a pretty good idea of who I am, what I do,

and why you’d want to hire me :)

But for the naughty rebels who skipped it…

Hi! I’m Gavriel,

Reiki Master Turned Copywriter

I know… sounds random.

But energy work and copywriting are actually more alike than you’d think…

Because copywriting is a transference of energy, a transference of emotion.

And my superpower is transcribing your energy into words that inspire, uplift… and upsell ;)

So YOU Become Your Customer/Client’s

Path of Least Resistance


"Gavriel’s writing skills are beyond this reality.
Somehow he matches the energy to the words on paper
and that, in it self, is amazing :)

-Matt Bochsler, Access C.F

Back in the day, when energy work sessions and workshops were my main income, I fell into the trap so many talented (and invisible) lightworkers fall into:

Thinking if I just tell people what I do, they’ll go, “That’s so awesome! When can you squeeze me in?”

I thought the moment my website went live, my practice would fill up, and I’d have waiting lists out the gazoo...

Ha! Nothing could be further than the truth!

Because the reality is, no one cares “what I do.” What they really care about is what I can do for them.

They wanna know how much I understand and care… And how the work I do improves their lives and brings them closer to their goals.

Why am I mentioning this?


Even the Most Amazing Offer in the

World Won't Sell

if People Don’t Get What it Will Do for

Them or Why They Need It.

And That’s the

Uplift & Upsell


I spent years and thousands upon thousands 💵 on copywriting courses and marketing mentorships. And continue learning and sharpening my skills every day, so I can highlight your difference in a way that really lands.

So instead of glossing over your message, your people go,

“Wow! I totally need this!”

And the Buyer’s Journey Begins…

Client’s reaction to our work-in-progress :-)

Ok, so now that you get the gist of what I do, and how it makes you money--

What Exactly Can You Expect From Working Together With Me?

  • During our free consult, I'll listen to your needs to see how I can help. Keeping the bigger picture in mind, I’ll offer some insights to fast track you toward your goals.

  • I’ll ask heaps of questions about you, your product / service, and who you cater to. To dig for the golden nuggets that make you stand out. And present it in a way that activates your people's desires.

  • I’m totally committed to increasing your ROI. Because I know the more money I generate for you, the more money I make :)

  • All my copy is platform compliant. So you don't risk your ad account getting flagged or shut down.

  • Stellar communication

  • Fast turnaround

"My wife and I really liked Gavriel’s Facebook ad for our Canberra Bars Therapy Clinic. He finished it way faster than we expected…

and gave us some tips for our landing page!

So far the ad’s performing really well- a high click through rate

and low cost per click / impression…

Working with Gavriel was an overall bloody good experience!"

Andrew Rigg,  Co-Founder of Canberra Bars Therapy Clinic

What Copy are

You Looking for?

An A-List copywriter’s opinion about my work :)

Is This Gonna Cost Me an Arm and a Leg?

Well… depends. What are your arms and legs worth?!!

All kidding aside…

I charge about 5-10x what you’d pay a Fiverr writer.

And that’s because

I’m not in the “writing” business.

I’m in the revenue-generating business.

So if you’re looking for a writer to fill pages with words...

I'm not the right person for the job.

However, if you're looking for a copywriter to help spark new relationships with more of your people, deepen the connections you already have, and demonstrate that you're the one to fulfill their hopes and dreams

So they can't get you off their mind unless they buy...

Then click the cute little button :-)

My “Peace of Mind” Guarantee

One of the most rewarding parts of copywriting for me, is that moment when my clients realize I care about their business as though we were partners...

And it’s a beautiful thing when they start seeing me as more of a trusted advisor... someone they can bounce ideas off of... [or, to be grammatically correct, "off of whom they can bounce ideas." 😅]

And so, while I can’t guarantee every piece of copy will be a home run (even Babe Ruth struck out more than he scored!)...

I can say that if you don’t feel like:

  • You’re in good hands

  • You can let go and trust I’ve got this

  • That I’m an amazing contribution to your team and bottom line

Then I’ll gladly refund any unfinished work, find you another copywriter who can deliver, and catch them up to speed for a seamless takeover--

So you don't have to explain everything all over again 😩

So if you’re changing the world

in your own special way

Then apply for your free consult today

So you keep doing what you do best

and let your new favorite copywriter do the rest 😇

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